We have been engaged for large scale telecommunications and pipeline projects in Western Australia and are well known by industry players for our extensive experience; as being a trustworthy and reliable service provider; and for delivering a high standard of work.

We have worked successfully with:

Aurecon                           GHD

Service  Stream              Visionstream

NBN                                   Optus 

Telstra                              Vodafone

Ericsson                            Nokia   

Collie Water                     Developers

We have negotiated leases or licences with the following government departments and agencies:

  • Western Australian Planning Commission

  • Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions

  • Department of Water & Environmental Regulation

  • Water Corporation

  • Public Transport Authority

  • Department of Planning Lands & Heritage

  • Main Roads

  • Western Power

  • Local Authorities 

We are most accustomed to dealing with the property and planning departments of Western Australian local government authorities and have an excellent understanding of Councils' approval processes for property disposals and planning applications.

The Western Australian Torrens title system; Landgate's online title and document searching platform, including Map Viewer, we are most knowledgeable in and adept at.  

The work we do has required extensive involvement with the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage and we are proficient in Crown Land dealings, particularly excisions and amendments to Reserves. 

We are experienced in all forms of acquisition tenure which may include a contract for sale, lease, licence, deed, easement (private or Crown), Crown lease, or compulsory acquisition.