Telecommunications Sites

  • Our services cover all site types for the installation of mobile phone facilities including greenfields, upgrades, in-building and temporary facilities.  We also negotiate cable riser space for the installation of optic fibre.

  • For mobile sites, we complete a desktop analysis, scope  the desired locations, identify candidates,  carry out due diligence on each property, prepare scoping reports with KMZ files, contact landowners and arrange site visits.  Tenure documents are negotiated with landowners for the selected candidates and the respective parties lawyers.

  • For upgrade sites we review tenure documents and seek landowner consent, negotiate lease variations or new leases where required.


  Water, Transport & Energy 

  • Our services often commence at the inception of a project and are generally completed once the land has been formally acquired.

  • We complete a desk-top analysis providing the client with an overview of the matters relating to the property involved with the project,  factors to be considered at various project stages, and key elements impacting on the project, including risk levels and low-hanging fruit.

  • The land required for a project is identified and due diligence is completed on every land parcel; landowners are approached; commercial terms are negotiated; heads of agreement obtained; and the tenure document is negotiated in consultation with the parties lawyers.